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7 Day Luxury Alaska Yacht Charter

7 Day Luxury Alaska Yacht Charter

Experience the Ends of the Earth

Alaskan adventuring on this seven day journey through the wilderness.

Make friends with humpback whales and brown bears as you pass glaciers and dodge icebergs on your way to the waterfall and the hot springs.

Day 1

Join the yacht in Juneau, the capital of Alaska. While in town, ride the tram up Mount Roberts for an eagle's eye view of the city and make the most of the long daylight hours with a scenic helicopter flight to the Mendenhall Glacier. Here you can visit a race training camp for huskies and take a dog sled ride across the vast glacier.

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Tracy Arm
Day 2

The yacht will cruise south towards Tracy Arm, where you can see the North and South Sawyer glaciers. Both are notorious for suddenly releasing chunks of ice into the water - have your camera standing by! Get closer to the bay's incredible icebergs in the yacht's tender. Anchor overnight in Wood Spit Cove.

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7 Day Luxury Alaska Yacht Charter - Dawes Glacer - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N
Dawes Glacer
Day 3

The yacht will cruise to Dawes Glacier. Here you will see huge pieces of ice falling into the fjord and seals sleeping on their ice beds. Lunch will be served onboard with a backdrop of Fords Terror fjord. In late afternoon the yacht will return to Wood Spit Cove for an evening of boating or fishing. Listen out for the breath of humpback whales that come into the adjoining Holkham Bay, and watch the shoreline for the occasional black bear that makes its way to the beach.

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7 Day Luxury Alaska Yacht Charter - Frederick Sound - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N
Frederick Sound
Day 4

Wake as the yacht cruises south into Frederick Sound to observe the humpback whales. The yacht can shut down and drift among them or if you're feeling brave, jump in the tender for a closer encounter. Afterwards, drop anchor in Cannery Cove, where you can watch brown bears feeding along the coast.

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7 Day Luxury Alaska Yacht Charter - Red Bluff Bay - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N
Red Bluff Bay
Day 5

The yacht will cruise into Red Bluff Bay, which boasts mountains, waterfalls and glistening ice fields. Kayak into the spray of a waterfall and get a close-up view of bears fishing for salmon (mostly in August). This is also a great spot to set pots for fresh Dungeness crab and shrimp - catch your own dinner or have the crew take care of it for you.

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7 Day Luxury Alaska Yacht Charter - Baranof Warms Springs - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N
Baranof Warms Springs
Day 6

Venture to Baranof Warm Springs, which is located just off the Chatham Strait, next to a beautiful 30m waterfall. Nine hot springs range in temperature, reaching as high as 48°C and we recommend relax in their warmth with a glass of champagne in hand. If your appetite for a life in the wilderness is still not satisfied, leopard rainbow trout can be fished in the nearby river.

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7 Day Luxury Alaska Yacht Charter - Chatham Strait - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N
Chatham Strait
Day 7

Cruise north through the Chatham Strait, stopping at Tenakee Springs, famous for its bakery's delicious cinnamon rolls. Take a wander around the town where you'll find the galleries of local artists, or hike and bike the nearby logging trails. Anchor overnight at scenic Pavlof Harbor, which is perfect for bear watching. The next morning head back to Juneau for departure.

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