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The resurgence of Alternative Medicines & Holistic Wellness
Royal Wellness
21st December 2019

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The resurgence of Alternative Medicines & Holistic Wellness

A Modern World

Happiness, contentment and fulfilment seem to be increasingly difficult to attain in today’s demanding world of achieving high levels of success. Many leaders of industry, visionaries and entrepreneurs sacrifice their health and wellbeing to pursue great ambitions. In the process, they tend to define themselves through their careers, accomplishments and possessions: Often, at times, neglecting the important elements of life that can make a tremendous difference in their lives and those around them.

Once having achieved such heights, many are left with an even larger sense of desolation and some begin to seek ways to reclaim their physical, mental and emotional health. However, more and more people around the world are losing faith in traditional forms of therapy and allopathic medicines. This growing trend has lead to a surge in interest towards alternative forms of healing as well as guidance on how to live a healthier overall; mind, body and soul. To both maintain a well-balanced lifestyle and prevent know or unknown health concerns from becoming serious illnesses.

As a result, this movement has created a large demand for Eastern medicines, practices and philosophy around yoga, meditation, detoxification, as well as alternative forms of energy work such as Reiki healing and Tantra, which are also gaining global notoriety. These lifestyle applications offer deep renewal, providing individuals with the restored sense of wellbeing needed for mental clarity, balanced emotions, sense of purpose and enthusiasm towards life.

Where It All Began

When looking back in our not-so-distant past and also, up to this day; various forms of natural medicines and holistic lifestyles were applied by cultures in regions today known as Thailand, India, Bali, Nepal, Tibet and China for the purpose of living more harmoniously, being more connected to themselves and others, and increase their health, vitality and longevity. These lifestyle integrations served as measures to prevent physical, mental or emotional illnesses from arising and posing a burden to an individual and the community as a whole.

Since the inception of pharmaceutical medicines in the 19th century, health industries around the world are driven mostly by reactionary approaches towards medicines and therapeutic techniques. This can be seen with medical students receiving less than 20 hours of nutritional training in their entire education and the general ongoing issuance of allopathic medicines that suppress symptoms of illnesses but never address the root cause.

As a result, many people generally lead unhealthy lifestyles regarding diet and exercise, remain in toxic environments for dysfunctional reasons, or overlook concerning childhood memory imprints that continue to resurface and cause turmoil in their lives. This tendency creates a mass burden on communities both financially as health care costs continue to increase, as well as socially, with symptoms of loneliness, depression, anxiety and lack of purpose being the highest they have been in a very long time.

Only when these concerns reach a boiling point do people tend to reach out for help, if ever. At which point, they are usually stuck in a vicious loop within their story and it is oftentimes very difficult to have an epiphany or find the will to cut unhealthy lifestyle habits for good. For this reason, many people simply lose faith in life, themselves and simply choose to accept that they will never be genuinely happy and feel entirely healthy.

This awareness is what has inspired many individuals, who have usually been a victim of this system and recovered holistically, to create wellness centres around the world. Out of a sincere desire to help others overcome their suffering as well. Most of these institutions are located in the Far East and are nearly always operated in group style settings, including common international seekers from all walks of life. Although beautiful and peaceful, these wellness resorts do not provide a safe and confidential space, nor the premium luxury needed for more distinguished individuals to also feel comfortable in exploring this type of work. For this reason, it is highly uncommon to hear of prominent people attending wellness retreats, simply due to the reason that they have yet to hear about such experiences, to begin with, and if they have; the time, energy, resources and endured discomfort needed for them to reach these ambiguous destinations are usually a deterrent in themselves.

A Saving Grace

However, this is all about to change with the emergence of a new premium integrated health agency called Royal Wellness. It is inspirational, educational and practical platform committed to providing notable individuals and their loved ones with premium, integrated wellness experiences, either aboard their private vessels or within their estates. Boasting purpose-driven holidays via bespoke wellness retreat programmes, that are luxurious, medically supported, all-inclusive and feature signature healing treatments, energy and bodywork, plant medicine therapies, holistic wellness consultations and nutritious culinary art you can taste the love in.

Although yoga and basic wellness spa offerings already exist in super yachting and private residences, this exclusive offering differs greatly as Royal Wellness programmes are uniquely designed to address interests around burnout and stress management; mindfulness and spirituality, body weight and toxicity; anxiety and depression; lack of fulfilment and purpose; guilt and forgiveness, traumas and deep memory imprints, relationship and intimacy blocks, performance issues, harmful lifestyle choices, various forms of addiction, holistic lifestyle mentorship and many other applications to discuss and heal burdens all of us either accept or face throughout our lives. All of which is achieved through a unique blend of holistic activities, treatments, therapies, workshops, dietetics, consultations and support drawing on both natural medicines as well as ancient health practices and philosophies. All directed by a passionate team of holistic doctors and wellness professionals.

Their programmes serve as a platform for preventative health as opposed to traditional reactionary measures and are designed to inspire compelling positive lifestyle transformations by helping to reprogram the mind for happiness and contentment, rejuvenate the body for optimal health and longevity, and enrich the soul for compassion, love and true self-realisation. All of which is designed to offer distinguished individuals the opportunity to not only reclaim their physical, mental and emotional health; but to also re-discover their spiritual essence, which has often been suppressed for far too long.

Who is Who at the Zoo

Royal Wellness retreats are supported by a dedicated team of holistic professionals, alternative therapists, naturopaths, nutritionists, wellness consultants, detox specialists, plant-medicine workers, as well as a world-class team of spiritual coaches, mindfulness experts, yoga teachers, energy healers, bodyworkers, and various doctors specialising in alternative therapy and medicines, traditional Chinese medicines, Ayurvedic sciences and much more. Their talent pool is composed of the most experienced practitioners and professionals around the world that are both known and unknown masters in their respective holistic fields. Some of which already work with various royal and aristocratic families around the world.

Royal Wellness provides an opportunity to its distinguished clientele to summon these talented individuals from far distances, usually based in South East Asia, directly to their private vessels or estates, in order to receive authentic healing retreat experiences not commonly found in the West on any level. Moreover, ones that are impossible to find in the Far East on the pedestal to which they provide the experience. Reaching such a world would require venturing off into unknown territory and exhausting much time, money and resources for uncertainty at best. With many of their talent them having been born in the West, having studied under the direction of great masters and having attended world-renown institutions in the Far East, Royal Wellness guarantee their experiences are nothing short of authentic excellence and leave you feeling like Royalty.

The company has roots in South East Asia with its founder having lived throughout the region for a number of years, well immersed in this ancient world, having spent much time with yogis, healers, plant medicine workers, shamans, monks, and various spiritual leaders. The Royal Wellness experience that awaits you and your loved ones has been carefully conceptualised, crafted, organised and managed to simply be unparalleled.

Stepping Into a Brave New World

Clients select from one of four retreat options: Mindfulness (Mind), Detoxification (Body), Tantra (Soul), or a signature Corporate Rejuvenation retreat. These retreats serve as the base foundation to their complete Royal Wellness experience. Further to enjoying the numerous pleasures offered in these wellness retreats, Royal Wellness fine-tunes each client’s journey by integrating a medically-supported holistic health programme for them to follow that incorporates doctors, therapists, nurses, osteopaths, nutritionists and other relevant professionals who are all passionate about holistic living.

These personalised programmes include a dedicated holistic medical professional that spends much time with clients via web-calls before the retreats even begin. This is done to properly assess the client’s specific health interests and create a personalised holistic health programme to be followed during their Royal Wellness retreat experience. Once accepted by the client, they hand-pick the most suitable professionals from their international talent pool to take part in the programme and render the numerous integrated health activities, therapies and treatments prescribed by the dedicated holistic medical professional. These international practitioners are passionate and dedicated to helping deserving people heal their mind, body and soul. They travel long and distant journeys to assist owners and guests in their paths of self-improvement.

During the retreat, clients simply enter into a brave new world. They will experience health assessment techniques they most likely didn’t know existed such as Bio-Resonance scanning or otherwise known as Electrodermal Testing. This progressive medical application assesses the energetic performance of the client’s body as a whole. The premise of this therapy is based on the fact that electromagnetic currents emitted by diseased cells are noticeably unique when compared to healthy cells. With the use of an energy wavelength machine, our holistic medical specialist determines the unhealthy wavelengths that are emanating from the body and orders the issuance of counter-balancing frequencies to help restore energetic equilibrium, cure certain diseases or conditions and to also help improve the overall performance of the client’s body.

Days start early and follow a prescribed itinerary beginning with morning yoga and meditation that is personalised to each client based on their prescribed health programme. Followed by a light nutritious breakfast consisting of the proper compounds needed for a successful day, continuing with various treatments, workshops and therapies designed to address their specific health interests discussed with the dedicated holistic professional.

These can be holotropic breathwork therapies whereby clients follow a prescribed breathing pattern for up to 90 minutes under the supervision of our breathwork practitioners. Within a few short minutes they begin to experience fascinating body sensations as their vibrational state becomes higher with each breath. Before they know it, pure electricity is flowing through their body much like being plugged into an electrical socket. In this state, life-long negative emotions and programming begin to be released as the client’s vibration is too elevated for lower stagnant energies to remain trapped inside the physical and energetic bodies. Various negative emotions, thought patterns and limiting beliefs get purged out of the body either through physical shaking, loud vocal expressions or the much needed, long overdue cry. In the end, what clients are left with is a sense of release and bliss never felt before; Mind, body and soul. Much like being reborn.

Alternatively, on the other polarity of experiences, clients can spend one-on-one time with authentic warrior monks flown in from the world-famous Shaolin Temple and learn ancient forms of mindfulness techniques for daily application, zen fitness such as Qi Gong and Tai Chi, as well as receive training in martial arts practices such as “Yin Shou Gun”, otherwise known and recognised as the bamboo stick fighting oftentimes seen in martial arts movies, that help to optimise focus, agility and fortitude.

A nutritious lunch and dinner are also provided that follows a prescribed meal plan either for the client specifically or for the retreat programme as a whole. The evening ends off with healing and wellness spa treatments to pamper the clients in royal fashion by applying ancient techniques sourced directly from the Orient such as an assortment of Traditional Chinese Medicines like Chi Nei Tsang, which is the ancient Taoist abdominal massage that serves to detoxify the internal organs and stimulate the lymphatic system, amongst many other health benefits. Or they can experience a cosmic sound bath using one-of-a-kind gongs that are tuned to the frequency of various planets in our solar system, which when played by our world-renown sound healer, instantly lowers your stress levels, blood pressure, and promotes the deep full night of rest many clients of theirs have been craving for years. All done through the power of vibrational therapy which scientific studies have shown to be very meaningful in clearing out many health concerns at a cellular level.

The dedicated holistic medical professional that is assigned to a Royal Wellness retreat booking is also required to remain on the vessel or in residence during the course of the retreat to not only act as the programme director but also to hold space 24/7 in case of mental, emotional, physical or spiritual feedback that may occur during the retreat. The remaining Royal Wellness team is tendered on and off the vessel, or, driven to and from the residence if the programme is ashore. This is to stay within capacity limitations and not overwhelm a small intimate number of guests with a large support team.

Each day of the programme is relatively the same in format to create a strong foundation for a new lifestyle however the types of treatments, frequencies and sequencing is fine-tuned and tailored to each retreat guest as they will all have different personalised programmes to follow, whilst enjoying a retreat experienced based around Mind, Body, Soul or Burnout.

Upon completion, Clients are provided with comprehensive take-home material to assist them in maintaining their new lifestyle change. In addiction, they also receive up to 8 weeks of post-retreat support via weekly calls with their dedicated holistic medical professional that has accompanied them since beginning their journey. This is to maintain programme continuity in some capacity to ensure the desired lifestyle changes are being upheld.

Royal Wellness’s mission is to hold safe space for their distinguished clients; to allow for deep mental, emotional and physical healing. Although this type of work is at never without effort and not always pleasant, it is extremely admirable.

It is their deepest wish that you accompany them on a profound journey of deep healing, transformation and evolution, to assist you in becoming the most honourable and authentic version of yourself.

Starting Your Journey

If while reading this, you felt as though you or anyone you know, may resonate with Royal Wellness and their comprehensive suite of alternative medical services and wellness retreat programmes, please ensure to contact your trusted family broker for further details on how to make a reservation. With Christmas and New Years around the corner, it makes for a great gift for a loved one or setting an ambitious New Years resolution for 2020, a year for clarity and healing.

You have Mastered your outer World. Time to Master your inner World.