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The ultimate health retreat: Yachts, wellness and the fine art of clean living
22nd November 2023
Health is wealth. It’s indispensable. The importance of physical and mental wellbeing can’t be overstated, and owning or chartering a superyacht can significantly improve both. Time spent on board a yacht offers an unparalleled opportunity to rest, recharge and rejuvenate. It’s a chance to spend time and build memories with loved ones, but it’s also a chance to get back in touch with yourself.

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PROJECT X Luxury Motor Yacht for Charter | C&N
88.01m | Golden Yachts Athens | 2022
9 Cabins | 12 Guests | 28 Crew

From: € 1,200,000 p/w

SALUZI Luxury Motor Yacht for Charter | C&N
69.00m | Austal Yachts | 2003 (2014)
16 Cabins | 32 Guests | 32 Crew

From: € 480,000 p/w

C Luxury Motor Yacht for Sale | C&N
54.60m | Baglietto | 2021
7 Cabins | 17 Guests | 13 Crew

Please Enquire
STRADIVARIUS Luxury Motor Yacht for Sale | C&N
34.16m | Sanlorenzo | 2023
5 Cabins | 10 Guests | 5 Crew

Asking: € 16,900,000


The ultimate health retreat: Yachts, wellness and the fine art of clean living

Many superyachts now feature extensive wellness packages and programmes, with dedicated health specialists offering therapeutic treatments. Fully equipped gyms, swimming pools deep enough to dive into, hydrothermal rooms, snow chambers, massage parlours, Turkish hammams and Finish saunas have all found their way onto superyachts. 

The beauty of health suites onboard yachts is that they can be enjoyed privately or with friends and family. Most yachts have dedicated areas large enough to accommodate several guests at any one time. The better the suite, the better the experience, and there is always something for everyone. Charter trips can be tailored to meet specific health needs and requirements, with personalised menus and itineraries. 

Chartering or owning a yacht dedicated to health and wellness will ensure that when you step back on shore, you’ll be blissfully refreshed. Many Camper & Nicholsons yachts are equipped with extensive wellness suites and spas, yet here are four that particularly stand out. 

C, a voluminous 54.6m superyacht, is in a class of her own. She has an interior volume of 900GT, and every inch is devoted to tranquil on-water relaxation. Featuring two glass-walled pools on separate aft decks, the larger one at the centre of the main deck casts a captivating glow on the expansive beach club beneath the clear waters.

The gentle play of light from the glass-bottomed pool weaves a tapestry of colours around the beach club, enhancing the already serene ambience. Crafted by the Italian studio Hot Lab, the beach club on C is soothing, finished in light veneer and veined marble. It’s complete with a fully equipped gym, two private massage areas, a Turkish hammam, and a shower. The furnishings, in ebony white with touches of turquoise, add a touch of emotion to the space, creating a calming atmosphere. 

Guests will find themselves well connected with the sea, thanks to three hydraulic shell doors, which open at the transom, port and starboard. The beach club boasts panoramic views, is illuminated by natural light and a natural flow of air ensures the space has the optimum conditions for exercise and relaxation. C is a remarkable family yacht with relaxation woven into her design. 

is available for sale and charter, for sale with Fernando Nicholson

Stradivarius, launched earlier this year, is from the flagship Sanlorenzo SX112 series. She’s a stunning 34.16m with an incredible wellness package, unsuspecting of a 245 GT yacht. Her aft section is the ultimate retreat; it transforms into a multi-storied health and wellness centre, with 270-degree views that stretch as far as the horizon. 

The beach club setup is exceptional and Stradivarius encourages guests to maximise their experience onboard. She features an outward-facing Finnish sauna, large enough for four people, that opens onto the sea level, with breathtaking views that stretch as far as the horizon. The sea becomes as inviting as it is beautiful, and guests can slip directly into the water for a soothing swim after their sessions. 

Sanlorenzo designed the beach club with a large open-air space which, once the tender and toys are launched, is perfect for yoga, meditation or light exercise. Glass hydraulic doors lead to a Technogym equipped gym, complete with a stationary bike, a rower, a bench and free weights. Stradivarius also has many water toys, including two e-foil bikes. 

Stradivarius is available for sale with Thomas O’Nial

Project X is an 88-metre floating health retreat packaged as a superyacht. She is achingly gorgeous and envelopes guests with a level of comfort hard to match. Her award-winning beach club with spa includes a wellness suite complete with a Turkish hammam, Finnish sauna, beauty salon, massage room, wet bar, lounge and dedicated medical centre.

Amenities aside, the beach club itself is inviting. Fold-down balconies lead the eye straight to the horizon and provide seamless access to the sea. The design has an understated elegance to it. Finished in rich oaks and illuminated by soft pastel lighting, the beach club is both cosy and inviting. A notable feature is the central settee, which is remote-operated and can face any direction. 

With wellness on the lower deck, benefiting from the calm lapping waves, the Technomar gym commands powerful views from the upper deck. The gym arches around the uppermost section of her triple-height glass atrium and lift, which gives the space a unique dynamism

Her fully-equipped Technomar gym, located on the upper deck, offers panoramic views and is illuminated with natural light. It arches around the uppermost section of her triple-height glass atrium and lift, which gives the space a unique dynamism. The gym has direct access to the exterior deck via glass sliding doors. Guests can easily take advantage of the al fresco space to complete their workout or to cool down at the end of the session. 

Another key feature of Project X is a 7.5-metre swimming pool, complete with a stunning waterfall feature, which centres her main deck aft. Project X also has numerous yoga and meditation areas and two Jacuzzis.

Project X is available for sale and charter.

Saluzi is fun. She’s fresh, jazzy and “very Miami”. With an incredible 16 cabins, she is one of the only sub-70m superyachts that can accommodate 32 guests. Saluzi puts a unique spin on wellness and truly embodies the spirit of social relaxation. 

Designed to host large groups and families, Saluzi doesn’t do things in small measures. Her sun deck, for instance, has two large forward-facing Jacuzzis side-by-side that doubles the fun. Ample lounging options surround the tubs, and thanks to a large pull-down screen between her radio masts, the space doubles as an outdoor cinema. 

Saluzi is run by a crew of 32, two of whom are full-time dedicated therapists who look after the ornate wet and dry spa.  Guests can enjoy a long list of treatments in the spa and the therapists are world-class and deliver an astounding service. With such a strong crew and commitment to entertainment, guests can be at peace while the children enjoy the games room. There are countless activities for the whole family, ensuring guests embark feeling rested and rejuvenated. 

Saluzi is available for charter. 

Fernando Nicholson, representative of C, is a leading industry expert with close to four decades of expertise. He has built an incredible network and long-standing relationships that give him the ability to offer the most suitable and high-quality yachts to his clientele. 

Thomas O’Nial, representative of Stradivarius, has had major sales roles with many leading superyacht shipyards, including Sanlorenzo, prior to joining C&N 2 years ago. He has a rich, in-depth knowledge of the superyacht industry developed over a 15-year career. 

Both Fernando and Thomas can assist with any inquiries about any of the four mentioned yachts in this article. They can also advise on the best wellness suites on the market that match your specific needs.