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Yacht of the future: eco-yacht Emocean
21st December 2022
Yacht for sale and charter

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EMOCEAN Luxury Motor Yacht for Sale | C&N
38.15m | Rosetti SuperYachts | 2021
5 Cabins | 12 Guests | 8 Crew

Asking: € 16,850,000


Yacht of the future: eco-yacht Emocean

An eco-yacht doesn't have to be soft and cuddly. Emocean pairs attitude with ambition. She can hop from Europe to South America on a tiny tank of gas. Then welcome guests to a floating paradise that uses the same recycled materials as the SpaceX Dragon capsule. Plastic bottles? They’re banished. Instead find a crystal cellar with 150 bottles of organic wine.


Emocean seldom needs a marina. That’s because this 38m explorer yacht can cruise 5,000nm - the distance from Britain to Brazil - while consuming the same fuel, load as a large tender.

The mission of her vegan owner was simple. To create the leanest, greenest superyacht on planet earth. Their wishlist was longer. Capacity for 12 guests. A sundeck infinity pool. A draft barely deeper than 2m, enabling her to glide into any anchorage from Vis to St Vincent.

Like a true explorer, Emocean couples autonomy with attitude. She carries spare parts to fix problems at sea within a 38m steel hull. A potable water system that can mineralise or spritz drinking water without the need for plastic bottles. A crystal glass cellar that can chill 150 bottles of organic wine. Most importantly, she has the ability to cruise the natural world while imparting a tiny carbon footprint.

Yet here’s the irony. To render Emocean unbreakable, her owners chose Rosetti Superyachts, a shipyard that dates back to 1925 and is based in Ravenna. In the 60s this shipyard started producing tug boats and supply vessels for the Adriatic oil and gas industry. To complement the shipyard's outstanding abilities for putting together go-anywhere working ships, the Owners brought in Sergio Cuttolo of Hydrotec for the design. Highly regarded as one of the most prominent designers of Explorer yachts, Cuttolo and his team crystalized a quarter century of explorer yacht design expertise into Emocean.

The design ethos aboard Emocean brings the outside in. While some yacht interiors hide from the ocean, or recreate the atmosphere of a country lodge, Emocean embodies the élan of an Ibizan beach club. Floor-to-ceiling windows and balconies turn seascapes into portraits. There are few doors or corridors to impede flow. Instead the Pilates IQ reformer and crystal glass wine cellar become features themselves. Her 350m2 deck space serves as a platform for cinema nights, wildlife spotting and alfresco dinners for 12.

All chintz has been rinsed. The light-filled master suite appears teleported from a Milanese design hotel.

There's a diving board that springs from the bridge deck directly into the drink. Contemporary Cassina sofas are made from 100% recycled fibre – mostly from PET bottles scooped from the sea.

Environmentalism sits at the core of Emocean’s build. However, her owners chose to inspire, not preach. Plastic water bottles, which comprise the principal source of yacht waste, have been eliminated. In their place is a Blupura water filtration system.

The eco-chic mentality runs deep. Skin and fur have been replaced with natural fabrics and Econyl, a nylon made from regenerated landfill. Coverings are crafted from Alcantara, a soft recycled textile used inside the SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule. Renewable woods make screens, pillars and parquet floors. A key factor for the owners was the ability to select suppliers for each element, from carpentry to kitchen supplies, then interact with that provider to ensure minimal impact during the lifetime of the yacht. 

A final game changer was the installation of a state-of-the-art electricity management system. It essentially supervises energy consumption, then automatically switches off outlets that aren’t functioning. All of which promises a tiny fuel bill to Emocean’s owners and disembarking guests alike. Emocean’s toys are literally electrifying. On constant charge is the Seabob F5 SR, the most powerful personal underwater craft. Using twin cameras, it can beam video footable back to Emocean using WiFi. Ebikes can whiz along the palm-shaded roads of Eleuthera in winter, or the coastal lanes around Cap Ferrat in summer. The DVI drone is of the type used by aerial photography units. It can track, film and broadcast a charter party’s excursions for HD editing back onboard. 

From electricity management system to potable water filtrarion system, Emocean was designed with people and the planet in mind – all without sacrificing luxury. 

Emocean is available for sale with Camper & Nicholsons. Get in touch now to get more informaition. 


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