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8 days Luxury Yacht Charter Experience

Ancient harbours sit nestled between lush green interiors and the Adriatic Sea

Reminiscent of the ancient beauty of the Eastern Mediterranean, but equally influenced by the Western Mediterranean, the region of Croatia & Montenegro is a compelling world unto itself, particularly when explored by yacht

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Old town Dubrovnik is a short ride from Dubrovnik airport. It is under UNESCO protection and one simply must not miss walking its walls while there.
It is the best preserved medieval city in Europe, and in the 16th century this former independent Republic had the third largest merchant fleet in the world. Fans of HBO’s hit TV series Game of Thrones might also recognize some of its beautiful squares and streets, where they shoot scenes for the fictional city King’s Landing.
In the evening, guests can relax at one of the many local terraces which offer beautiful views of the
sunset, and then enjoy a delicious meal in one the town’s romantic restaurants.
There is also a thriving nightlife.

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Visit Mljet Island and you will discover the natural beauty of Croatia. Magical Mljet would be anyone’s idea of an Adriatic island paradise. With most of the island covered by forests and the rest dotted by fields, vineyards and small villages, Mljet casts a spell that can be difficult to break.
Mljet National Park was created in 1960 and occupies the western third of the island and surrounds two saltwater lakes, Malo Jezero and Veliko Jezero. Anchor for lunch at Polace, on the island’s north coast.
Enjoy a walk or cycling through the forest or a swim in the saltwater lakes.

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Cruise to the island Vis, a former military base and one of Croatia’s best diving spots. It also has fabulous food and wine.
Getting closer you’ll see the canons on top of the hill, a reminder of its military importance. You can anchor in the deep, protected bay and enjoy the splendid view.
The best way to get around is to hire a car and explore its wine cellars, historical monuments, or even Tito’s wartime cave headquarters. In the evening, return to Vis town to stroll around and discover its Roman bath.

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Croatia - VIS TO HVAR - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N

Move to Hvar, the most sophisticated of Croatia’s islands, often described as the St. Tropez of the region.
A walk along the waterfront promenade and through the Old Town of Hvar reveals a wealth of historic, Medieval and Renaissance buildings. The island also boasts lavender fields, rosemary, olive groves and vineyards, but is equally known for its lively nightlife.

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Croatia -  HVAR TO KORNATI PARK  - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N
DAY 5 & 6

Past the large islands of the Bay of Kvarnar are the Kornati Islands, many of which are part of a national park. The islands are barren, with a lunarscape beauty.
The crystal clear waters make swimming irresistible. Navigating among the islands can be exciting, with some passages barely wider than the yacht!

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Croatia - KORNATI TO SPLIT - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N

The centre of town - Old Split - is fascinating, built within and around the fortified Roman palace of Emperor Diocletian, about 300AD. Much of the palace still stands today and is a unique example of Roman architecture.
Split also has one of the largest and most colourful food markets found anywhere in Europe.
The Marjan Peninsula sits just to the west of the Old Town and a series of trails crisscross their way over the peninsula. For another great view of the city, consider the gentle hike up Marjan Hill.

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