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Slovenia Yacht Charter

Luxury Yacht Charter Destination

Located on the northeast corner of the Adriatic Sea, a superyacht charter in Slovenia is sure to surprise and enthral you with its unusual marriage of the Alpine and Mediterranean worlds.

Snow-capped peaks, turquoise waters and a markedly Venetian style coastline are complimented by harmonious architecture, charming rustic culture and sophisticated cuisine. Bordered by Italy to the west, Austria and Hungary to the north and Croatia to the south on the Istrian Peninsula, Slovenia has only existed as a fully independent nation since 1991 and was landlocked for most of its history until 1954.

Today, with a coastline of just 47km, the Slovene Riviera is a small but charming charter destination for those looking to truly unwind at a slower pace of life. This stretch of the Adriatic coast is best visited during the peak summer months when temperatures on both land and sea typically reach around 25 degrees Celsius.

Slovenia boasts four principal harbours - from Koper in the north, down to Izola, Piran and finally Portorož in the south. With the exception of Portoroz, a modern seaside resort, the rest are former Venetian settlements with stunning picturesque towns.

The town of Portorož will provide a wonderful start to any yacht charter with its central purpose-built beach, which forms a wide sand-filled haven, dotted with wooden piers out to crystal-clear waters. The hilltop church of St Bernardine is a former 15th century monastery, where monks believed that the mud and brine from the nearby salt pans offered healing properties. Then, unwind and head to one of the many spas for a therapeutic treatment before indulging in some gastronomic delights at the Michelin-starred COB restaurant, serving exquisite traditional Istrian dishes. At night, why not try your luck at the Grand Casino Portorož, the oldest Slovenian Casino built in 1912 and conveniently located just across the street from the beach.

A short cruise up the coast will lead to Piran, a town steeped in history and known for its well-preserved medieval architecture. A meander through the narrow streets will lead to the Tartini Square and a climb up the city walls will be rewarded with panoramic views of the Adriatic.

For wildlife lovers, Strunjan Nature Reserve is not to be missed. With breathtaking limestone cliffs soaring 80 metres above sea level, traditional salt pans and unique natural landscape, this is truly a haven for flora and fauna. 

When you are ready for more culture, have a stroll at the Tito Square in Koper’s old town and you won’t fail to be impressed by the beautiful Praetorian Palace - a gothic-styled building dating back to the 15th century. This is also a perfect spot for some shopping with open-air markets, selling artisan products and souvenirs.

From Koper, take in the coastline as you head up to Izola, a quaint former fishing town with a feeling of times gone by, where you can still watch fisherman at work and delight in the traditional atmosphere before heading to one of the many beautiful seafood restaurants to enjoy the catch of the day.

Whilst Slovenia might lack an abundance of coastline, it still compensates as a desirable charter destination with jaw-dropping sceneries, welcoming locals ashore and a truly fascinating history.

Yachts for Charter in Slovenia

Discover Camper & Nicholsons exlusive fleet of Luxury Yachts available for Charter
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Bold Luxury Motor Yacht for Charter | C&N
85.30m | Silver Yachts | 2019
8 Cabins | 12 Guests | 20 Crew

From: € 875,000 p/w

AMARYLLIS Luxury Motor Yacht for Charter | C&N
78.43m | Abeking & Rasmussen | 2011 (2023)
6 Cabins | 12 Guests | 34 Crew

From: € 770,000 p/w

LEGEND Luxury Motor Yacht for Charter | C&N
77.40m | Icon Yachts | 1974 (2015)
11 Cabins | 28 Guests | 28 Crew

From: € 625,000 p/w

WHEELS Luxury Motor Yacht for Charter | C&N
75.50m | Oceanco | 2008 (2022)
6 Cabins | 12 Guests | 21 Crew

From: € 790,000 p/w

NAIA Luxury Motor Yacht for Charter | C&N
73.60m | Freire Shipyard | 2011
8 Cabins | 12 Guests | 23 Crew

From: € 595,000 p/w

PLANET NINE Luxury Motor Yacht for Charter | C&N
73.20m | Admiral | 2018 (2021)
9 Cabins | 12 Guests | 20 Crew

From: € 650,000 p/w

JOY Luxury Motor Yacht for Charter | C&N
70.00m | Feadship | 2016
7 Cabins | 12 Guests | 19 Crew

From: € 650,000 p/w

SHERAKHAN Luxury Motor Yacht for Charter | C&N
69.65m | Vuyk en Zonen, Holland | 1965 (2022)
13 Cabins | 28 Guests | 19 Crew

From: € 545,000 p/w

LIONESS V Luxury Motor Yacht for Charter | C&N
63.50m | Benetti | 2006
6 Cabins | 12 Guests | 20 Crew

From: € 380,000 p/w

LADY BRITT Luxury Motor Yacht for Charter | C&N
63.00m | Feadship | 2011
7 Cabins | 12 Guests | 16 Crew

From: € 465,000 p/w

SOUNDWAVE Luxury Motor Yacht for Charter | C&N
63.00m | Benetti | 2015
6 Cabins | 12 Guests | 15 Crew

From: € 650,000 p/w

ILLUSION V Luxury Motor Yacht for Charter | C&N
58.00m | Benetti | 2014 (2024)
6 Cabins | 12 Guests | 14 Crew

From: € 350,000 p/w

TWIZZLE Luxury Sailing Yacht for Charter | C&N
57.49m | Royal Huisman | 2010 (2023)
4 Cabins | 9 Guests | 11 Crew

From: € 265,000 p/w

GECO Luxury Motor Yacht for Charter | C&N
55.20m | Admiral | 2020
6 Cabins | 12 Guests | 13 Crew

From: € 335,000 p/w

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