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Saudi Arabia

Luxury Yacht Charter Destination

With 3,400km of low-lying coastline, Saudi Arabia is the second largest country in the Arab world, situated on the Arabian Peninsula in Western Asia, yet easily accessible by superyacht from the Mediterranean through the Suez Canal.

Peppered with stunning reefs, national parks, hazy mountains and desert plains, this beautiful country on the eastern Red Sea coastline offers luxury, excitement and tranquility in equal measure.

With its temperate desert climate, a yacht charter in Saudi Arabia is best enjoyed during the winter months when the weather is coolest. Temperatures will be between 20-30 degrees Celsius during the day, with cooler nights and balmy warm water.

Built in just six months, in time for the first Saudi Arabia Grand Prix in 2021, Jeddah Yacht Club now boasts an impressive superyacht marina, conveniently located adjacent to the Formula One racetrack.  It is recognised as the official port of entry into the kingdom, with amenities at the luxurious new marina inclujding a helipad, five-star hotel, numerous restaurants and designer boutiques. It is also conveniently situated just a short 20-minute drive from the King Abdulaziz International Airport.

Venture beyond the marina, you will find legendary seafood restaurants, luxe beach clubs and a wealth of fascinating culture and tradition to be explored in Jeddah city, home of the two holiest sites in Islam - the Great Mosque of Mecca and the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina - which attract millions of visitors each year. Explore the winding streets in the ancient port of Al Balad, dating back to the 7th century and famed for its coral stone buildings decorated with intricate latticed windows.

For a truly unforgettable experience during your yacht charter, why not take a helicopter to the pre-Islamic city of Al Ula and visit Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage site, Hegra, which is situated in a stunning palm-filled valley, surrounded by sandstone cliffs. Here you shall see 111 beautifully preserved tombs with defined faces carved into the rock.

Further up the west coast, you will arrive at the city of Yanbu - a yacht destination with something for everyone. This once famous port is known as the ‘Pearl of the Red Sea’ and is the diving capital of Saudi Arabia. Located just off the coast is Barracuda Beach, renowned for its wide network of spectacular unbleached coral reefs. If you’re in search of a less aquatic adventure whilst in Yanbu, then why not climb the Radwa Mount, one of the most distinctive natural features in the kingdom, standing alone at a colossal 2,292m.

Numan Island, just south of Duba, is another relatively undiscovered gem to visit during your charter. This deserted and dramatic piece of paradise has a well-protected and deep bay, sheltered from the prevailing winds, making it an ideal spot for a beach dining setup.

Saudi Arabia has big plans for the future with billions of dollars being invested in the country’s tourism infrastructure. The futuristic city of Neom aims to put the country on the map as a leading superyacht destination and vision for the world’s future. Neom encompasses an area of just over 10,000 square miles and comprises ten regions. The first of these regions, set to open in 2024, is the seahorse-shaped Sindalah Island, which has long been known as a standout destination to explore over 600 species of native marine life. The island will feature a prestigious 86 berth marinas, glamorous yacht club, golf club and exceptional dining and retail offerings. The buildings, designed by world-renowned superyacht architect Luca Dini, will be shaped as rocks using sand and seashells as the base for building materials. Each asset of the island is intended to blend with the environment and enhance the forces of nature, whilst ensuring that the natural habitat remains untouched and preserved.

With so much to see and do in Saudi Arabia, this often-overlooked kingdom is an unforgettable yacht charter destination likely to surprise all who explore its diverse coastline.


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