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Martinique Yacht Charter

Luxury Yacht Charter Destination

The cosmopolitan and sophisticated island of Martinique, located in the heart of the Caribbean archipelago, offers a magnificent diversity of landscapes and atmosphere to soak up during a superyacht trip. From vast, tropical rainforests and the majestic, smouldering Mont Pelée volcano in the north of the island to endless sandy beaches in the south, you can’t fail to be wooed by the many charms of this alluring island. 

Known as the ‘Island of Flowers’, Martinique forms part of the volcanic arc of the Lesser Antilles archipelago, lying between Dominica in the north and Saint Lucia in the south. In 2021, it was designated as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve for its entire land and sea territory. The four districts of Saint-Pierre, La Trinité, Fort-de-France and Le Marin make up the island, and although small at just 60km long and 30km wide, there is so much to explore during your vacation. 

Set sail to the north of the island and step ashore for a trek through the lush rainforests, teeming with beautiful flora, plummeting waterfalls and spectacular views of Mont Pelée. There are over 400 types of tree found in Martinique - three times more than can be found in Europe. One of the most popular attractions in the north is Zoo de Martinique, set amid the ruins of a sugar mill that was destroyed in the 1902 eruption of Mont Pelée. Today, it is home to monkeys, parrots, jaguars, flamingos, and cougars, to name a few, all surrounded by verdant tropical plants exploding in a rainbow of colour. Sitting at the foot of Mont Pelée is Saint Pierre. The once capital city was also destroyed by the 1902 eruption, but the ruins of the old church and theatre are a worthwhile excursion. Whilst in this area, diving enthusiasts will be amazed by the underwater hot springs. 

Once you’ve satisfied your appetite for adventure in the mountainous north, enjoy a leisure cruise to discover miles of world-class beaches and idyllic bays to drop anchor. Anse Noir and Anse Dufour are two of the most spectacular beaches lying next door to each other - Anse Noir being famed for its extraordinary jet-black sand whilst just around the bay, while Anse Dufour is shaded by palm trees and boasts the softest white sand. 


A charter in Martinique would not be complete without seeing the famous Diamond Rock - not only an incredible dive site, but also a jaw-dropping spectacle to admire from the deck at sunset, watching its walls glisten in the light. Upon reaching the southernmost tip of Martinique, you will find the island’s most picture-postcard beach - Les Salines in the commune of Sainte-Anne. It’s a vast and sparkling stretch of white sand, fringed with coconut trees and lapped by azure waters.


For a real taste of Martinique’s colourful culture and superb French-West Indian cuisine, head into the capital of Fort-de France just a hop away from the popular superyacht marina of Bakoua, where you will be enchanted by the warmth of the locals as you explore the streets, taking in the vibrant coloured buildings, clothes and artisan produce. You will be spoiled for choice with restaurants such as Fleur de Sel serving traditional spice-filled dishes, exquisite seafood and often the local speciality of conch, all to be washed down with some local rum from one of the many island distilleries. 

As the sun sets on your superyacht charter around this magical, mystical island, its many unique treasures will be keepsakes in your mind for years to come. 

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