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Guadeloupe Yacht Charter

Luxury Yacht Charter Destination

A luxury superyacht charter in the Franco-Caribbean island of Guadeloupe offers unbridled relaxation with a wealth of world class beaches, spectacular marine life and some of the finest gastronomic experiences this exquisite corner of the world has to offer.

Discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493, Guadeloupe is an archipelago of over a dozen islands with the main two - Grand Terre in the east and Basse Terre to the west - shaped like the wings of a butterfly. They are divided by a narrow sea channel ‘La Riviere Salee’ with just a couple of bridges to connect them. Both ‘wings’ feature lush tropical forests with clearings for banana, sugar and pineapple plantations and are fringed with swathes of deserted golden-sand beaches.

Guadeloupe is an ideal charter destination for those seeking to truly escape the hustle and bustle of modern life as it is known for its natural, pared back beauty and is less busy than the neighbouring islands of Antigua, St Barths and St Martin. The island has several good harbours, the largest of which is Bas du Fort with over 1,000 berths, whilst the smaller marina of Pointe-à-Pitre is located just ten minutes from Guadeloupe airport. However, once you venture away from the marinas in search of secluded anchorages in sparkling bays, you will be spoilt for choice.

The more mountainous Basse Terre is home to the Parc National de la Guadeloupe featuring jaw dropping waterfalls and topped by the magnificent La Soufriere volcano. A day ashore can be spent trekking through jungles and mountain trails where you will be rewarded with breathtaking views before returning to your yacht for some well-deserved luxury.

A short cruise to the south of the main islands will take you to a cluster of smaller islands including the Les Saintes, La Desirade, Petite Terre and Marie Galante, all of which are achingly romantic and have retained a sense of old Caribbean charm. With irresistibly balmy seas that are yearning to be explored and a myriad of superb snorkelling and scuba diving opportunities, particularly in the Jacques Cousteau Reserve and nearby Pigeon Island, you will never want to leave this paradise land.

Guadeloupe is an overseas part of France and whilst the population of the islands is mostly of African origin, the French influence can be strongly recognised, not least in the cuisine. The islands are renowned for their delicious food and drink and when spending time ashore, you may well find yourself enticed by the intoxicating aroma of fresh croissants and heady spices of West Indian cooking coming from the charming bakeries and authentic restaurants.

As you would expect, the seafood on offer is spectacular with irresistible specialties of fresh lobster and crab cooked in a fusion French-Creole style. The wine is mainly French and the region’s home-grown coffee is sweet, strong and served black. Those looking for something a little stronger must be sure to try the local rum of Ti’punch made with sugarcane syrup and fresh lime. One of Basse Terre’s most enjoyable attractions and a chocolate lover’s nirvana is the Maison du Cacao. Presentations take place several times a day but leave enough time to wander the garden as well, which is packed with a variety of cocoa trees. You will be invited to sample the cocoa, roasted beans, and artisan chocolate, which makes perfect gifts to take home.

On land and at sea, the unique atmosphere and unadulterated beauty of Guadeloupe is sure to capture the hearts and minds of all who choose a superyacht charter here, with delights for the senses wherever you turn.

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