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Easter Island Yacht Charter

Luxury Yacht Charter Destination

The remote and volcanic island of Easter Island is a Chilean territory in Polynesia. From its lonely spot in the southern Pacific Ocean, it is over 3,500km from mainland Chile and 2,075km from the nearest inhabited island.

Easter Island is famous for its archaeological sites, which include the 900 Easter Island Moai, also known as the Easter Island Heads, that were carved by inhabitants between the 13th and 16th centuries. Polynesian seafarers first arrived in Easter Island approximately 900 years ago and the statues are believed to represent significant ancestors. To discover more about these serene stone sculptures, you may visit the Father Sebastian Englert Anthropological Museum.

There is more to this 63 square mile island however than just the Moai. Enormous volcanic craters, well-preserved stone villages and world-class scuba diving are just some of the lesser known highlights this island has to offer.

Much has been done to preserve Easter Island’s natural and cultural lustre. In 1995, UNESCO awarded the National Park, which covers over 40% of the island, World Heritage Site status. Horseback riding and hiking are an obvious option in the National Park, but for something more unusual, head for the water and explore the lava caves on a scuba dive.

Seafood is king when it comes to cuisine. Tuna usually tops the menu and is available in all its typical forms, as well as a few more unusual options such as the Chilean dish, Tuna Empanada. Superyacht chefs and lovers of seafood would not be disappointed with swordfish, mahi mahi and lobster also widely available.

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