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Bonaire Yacht Charter

Luxury Yacht Charter Destination

Just 50 miles north of Venezuela, nestled in the Leeward Antilles like a hidden jewel in the Caribbean Sea, the small Dutch island of Bonaire offers a rich and diverse landscape to explore on a luxury superyacht charter. From the depths of the island’s pristine waters to the height of its tallest peak, Brandaris, you are sure to feel Bonaire’s magical charm washing over you from the moment you arrive. The island has no traffic lights, no hustle and bustle, and seemingly, free from normal day-to-day worries as well. Your only concern will be how to spend each new day - on deck, on land or in the inviting waters.

Enjoy a tropical climate year-round with temperatures between 25-30 degrees Celsius and very little rainfall. The peak time to visit Bonaire is between December and April. Bonaire is also fortunate to sit just below the hurricane belt.

Spending blissful days at anchor, guests will become attuned to Bonaire’s unhurried pace as they lap up the pure air, from which the island gets its Caquetio name - the word “Bonay” meaning ‘good air’. 

Bonaire is renowned for its exceptional underwater world with an abundance of marine life. The island is rightly proud of its coral reef, which is far healthier than those elsewhere in the Caribbean, thanks to its protection by the Bonaire National Marine Park, established in 1979 which surrounds the entire island from the high tide mark to 200 feet below the surface. Divers will be spoilt for choice with over 80 sites along the reef on the west side of the island. They are easily accessible - many being within 100 feet of the shore and the sheltered position, making it the perfect spot for divers and snorkelers of all ages and abilities. 

If windsurfing is your thing, then head to Sorobon Beach on Lac Bay. This breathtaking bay is protected and shallow, with nonstop winds and balmy water making for world-class conditions, and for those in need of some instruction, the professionals at Bonaire Windsurf Palace or Jibe City are on hand to show you the ropes. 

Whilst in Lac Bay you’re sure to spot the island’s flamingos, brown pelicans and frigate birds, beneath the water’s surface, you might be lucky enough to encounter the endangered green turtles and queen conch. Just a short cruise only half a mile from Bonaire will take you to Klein Bonaire - an uninhabited island with possibly the region’s most picturesque stretch of sand - No Name Beach. Save for the ruins of slave huts and a small open shelter, the island offers nothing but unadulterated peace and tranquillity. 


Step ashore to discover the island’s rich and varied landscape and you will find a wealth of trails to explore on foot or by bicycle. Visit the Washington Slagbaai National Park and soak up the incredible flora and fauna around every turn. Animal lovers will be delighted by the large population of friendly donkeys on the island, whilst the Pekelmeer Flamingo Sanctuary is one of only four areas in the world where Flamingos breed. 


Immerse yourself in the cultural delights and history of the island’s capital, Kralendijk, where you can visit the quaint shops selling local wares and dine at the waterfront restaurants serving fresh seafood and local delicacies such as karkó (conch) and kabritu (goat stew). A trip to Bonaire wouldn’t be complete without trying the local tipple of Cadushy - the world’s only liqueur made from the cactus plant. 

Bonaire invites every guest to delve into the wonderful activities the island offers, both on its verdant lands and in its sublime waters. You are encouraged to explore, to enjoy and to become a part of Bonaire, absorbing its nature, culture, and cuisine. The warmth from the sunshine is there for all to enjoy, and the locals assure every visitor they are “once a visitor, always a friend”.

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