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Initial stages and requirements

Experience our commitment to excellence whilst we work with you to understand your exact requirements. Our construction experts will ensure that the new build you have commissioned will fulfill all your expectations.

Building a superyacht is not an impulse decision but one that has probably come from experiencing superyachts over a number of years – be it as an owner, charterer or guest of an owner. Therefore, you will most likely have your ideal yacht in mind and now you need the experts to guide you on how best to turn your dream into reality.

Discussing your requirements with Camper & Nicholsons over a number of meetings will help fine-tune exactly what type of yacht build would suit you best. Whether you are looking for a custom yacht, a semi-custom yacht or production yacht, deciding on what type of yacht will best suit your needs is the starting point for any new build. Where you intend to cruise, what sort of performance you desire, and how important space and stability will all affect your choice of the type of yacht you wish to build and therefore the shipyard and design team will be most suitable.
Camper & Nicholsons team will gauge your requirements and prepare a concept design tender against which shipyards and designers can bid. Designers and builders are obviously major players in the build process but so too are the owner’s team. The legal complexities involved in building a superyacht require the best legal counsel for the build, along with project managers and further down the line, yacht managers. Camper & Nicholsons team can recommend a choice of experts for your build.

Building a superyacht

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