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Yacht Accounting & Reporting Software

Realtime data, accounting intelligence & reporting, at Owners' and Captains' fingertips

Camper & Nicholsons has developed a fully proprietary software for yacht accounting & reporting, enabling us to better serve our clients and protect their sensitive data.
A dedicated and interactive private area has been created where you can have immediate and instant overview of your yacht accounts, your budget and the yacht performance versus budget, all secured within C&N Technology (No third-party service providers involved).

Realtime data

Check your yacht accounts in real-time showing up to the minute bank balances, the ability to analyse your consolidated accounts as well as your other yacht accounts and sub-accounts.

Preview data through smart and intelligent charts, download your monthly statements and much more…

Reports & Invoices

Analyse all account transactions in detail, filter and directly access related invoices. 
Ability to search by setting timeframes, cost centre, suppliers, in account & sub accounts.
Filter and download ad-hoc reports based on your search criteria.

Intelligence & Charts

See data in a graphical format on the income and expenditure of the yacht.
Complete detailed searches and filter data as well as having direct access to specific transactions impacting cost groups or income groups.


Create and verify the status of your accounts based on your budget.
Filter budget status based on advanced filters to better understand your actual cash position versus your budgeted one.