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When was the last time you heard your breath?
Royal Wellness
18th December 2019
Don\'t forget to breathe

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When was the last time you heard your breath?

To many of us, breathing has generally been known as something mechanical that we don’t tend to pay much attention to. Our body simply does it without any form of conscious effort or thought. Yet it is the source of life itself and it is what keeps us alive. Without it, we die. For this reason, others have regarded breath as something vital and sacred.

Since ancient times, the breath has been a central theme in many spiritual and religious traditions, both literally and figuratively. The Hindu word prana signifies breath, wind, and air, the vital life force; in ancient Greek, pneuma meant breath, soul and the spirit of life: and in ancient Hebrew, Ruach meant both the breath and the creative spirit. In Western thought, the link between breath and spirit is expressed in Genesis 2:7, “And God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul.”

The relationship between the breath and the state of our health, and even certain states of consciousness, has been explored for thousands of years through yoga and Taoism as well as through the medical and meditative practices of India, Tibet and China. These ancient cultures have long recognised the breath as a primary vehicle for prana (“life energy”). When acted on consciously, proper deep breathing can help to significantly reduce mental, emotional and physical discomforts, not to mention, create a profound sense of connection to a higher power; whatever that may be to you.

Let's skip forward a few thousand years to today and what we see is a resurgence of this ancient knowledge and practice under a new umbrella term known as holotropic breathwork or transformational breath. It has become widely popular amongst holistic doctors, trauma release therapists and the emerging fringe community of bio-hackers who look for small DIY tricks to optimise their body’s performance in a very short period.

Holotropic breathwork became a modern-day alternative therapeutic practise that uses breathing and other elements to putatively allow access to non-ordinary states of consciousness. It was developed by Stanislav Grof as a successor to his LSD-based psychedelic therapy, following the suppression of legal LSD use in the late 1960s. Stanislav is a Czech psychiatrist, one of the founders of the field of transpersonal psychology and a researcher into the use of non-ordinary states of consciousness for purposes of exploring, healing, and obtaining growth and insights into the human psyche.

Since then, the field has given birth to several more palatable protocols lead by inspirational figureheads in the realms of breathwork and holistic health. At the forefront of this movement today are people like Wim Hof, also known as the Iceman with his proprietary method involving ice baths, Niraj Naik with his energised form of meditation known as SOMA, the Indian spiritual leader behind the global Art of Living Foundation known as his Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar with this unique Sudarshan Kriya and the now-deceased Leonard D. Orr with his creation of an international network of healing breathwork schools coined as “Rebirthing”.

These influencers, in addition to others who have referred to the importance of a quick and easy breathwork routine every morning such as Tony Robbins, have guided thousands of people on a path leading anywhere from simply waking up with more energy every morning, to deep transformational healing of emotional, mental and spiritual limitations.

People that have partaken in such breathwork exercises or workshops have experienced a wide array of benefits but the constant themes are relieving stress and fatigue, inducing deep relaxation, balancing blood pressure, managing pain and increasing mental concentration. Those that apply a practice everyday experience an enhanced self-awareness, deep personal growth, profound spiritual development, improved sleep patterns, restored physical health and vitality, and what is oftentimes noticed is the deep release of blocked emotions and trauma.

When one begins to breathe using one of the protocols mentioned, over a few minutes what begins to happen is your body’s vibration begins to rise. As the breathing begins to work on your cardiovascular level, you may feel tingling sensations much like when your arm gets to sleep an then blood begins to circulate again. As you continue, other sensations may also arise such as a slow upward current of energy along the back of your spin, otherwise known as Kundalini Serpentine Energy that when successfully reaching the top of your head from the base of your spine, creates a powerful energy channel that can lead your body to shake. As the breathing continues over a period of 30-60 minutes, pure electricity begins to flow through your body and a very high vibrational current. Much like putting your finger into an electrical socket, you have tapped into the invisible energy source that permeates all around us. The one that inventors such as Nikola Testa spoke about in great detail. Once people reach this state of high vibrational energy, the real magic begins.

Negative emotions and traumas are also energy in origin, that if not attended to, create blockages in the meridians, which eventually turn into life-threatening illnesses if overlooked for too long. But these dangerous matters always arise from lower vibrational energy patterns in the body. Usually stemming from the first 7 years of our lives. Viruses, if you will, that only rise to the surface years later.

The magic referred to earlier is when your body reaches such a high vibration, the trapped lower vibrational emotions, traumas and programming of negative beliefs no longer can reside in this environment. Much like how a human cannot stand in a flame for too long, these emotions must relocate. With the entire body being at a high vibration, these emotions and negative energies have nowhere to go but out of the body entirely. They are purged out. Oftentimes, for good.

This purge of energy is sometimes manifested crying and hyperventilating, shouting and screaming or simply shaking as the trauma is physically released. In any case, it is a sense of purification unknown to most. These sessions are so powerful that they can easily replace years of traditional therapy in just one sitting. The sense of gratitude and bliss shared by patients is a beautiful thing to observe as many are simply blown away by the results and adopt this practice into their lives as a daily routine for managing emotions, self-healing and maintaining a connection to a higher electrified power source for vitality and enthusiasm towards life.

These experiences can oftentimes be hard to access as many of their respective practitioners live in places outside of the West, such as South East Asia and South America. However, those looking to skip the long travel distances and experience these forms of healing in the privacy and comfort of their estates or private vessels can now depend on a new exclusive holistic health agency called Royal Wellness. Their talent pool of international holistic health practitioners has been hand-selected and include thought-leaders and the most experienced professionals alive today from the various organisations behind the holotropic and transformational breathwork movement.


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