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Unparalleled Sensory Experience
Royal Wellness
29th January 2020
A taste of Holistic Pleasures

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Unparalleled Sensory Experience

Royal Wellness offers you a newfound sense of enthusiasm, inspiration and possibilities through an interactive and educational one day experience. One that is carefully crafted to immerse you in all the senses and bring your mind, body and soul back to a long lost, mystical paradigm where bliss, pleasure and celebration are all part of daily life.

The Royal Wellness one day immersive programme, offered in partnership through Camper & Nicholson serves as an opportunity for you to live a full day in a brave new world. This standard programme has been designed to provide you and your closest friends or family with a well-rounded assortment of various elements sourced from their longer duration intensive programmes: mindfulness and zen activities, dietetics and weight loss, tantra and couples building, as well as burnout recovery and stress management. Offering you the opportunity to sample aspects of their purpose-driven and medically-supported health and wellness programmes, before committing to a longer duration programme.

The day starts off early to focus on silencing the mind through a guided yoga and meditation practice, using the fresh early-morning energy in the air and the restful state of mind still accessible after a full night sleep. After a light balanced breakfast, clients partake in a mindfulness workshop designed to educate and inspire interest around spirituality by providing various teachings and answering questions around Eastern philosophy, the science of mindfulness and its profoundly positive effects on the mind, body and soul.

Following the morning mindfulness workshop is the second detox share of the day in addition to a nutritious culinary lunchtime experience to both unwind from the morning activities and also charge up for the interactive afternoon. After lunch clients partake in a dietetics and nutrition workshop where they learn about the clean meals and detox shakes they have been consuming, the sciences of weight loss, new age diets like kept and paleo, detoxification protocols, the power of applications such as Herbology, and the importance of metabolic health. All of which is directed by one of their world-class detox and nutritional specialists.

You and your group are provided with an Ayurvedic or Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment either in the early afternoon or late evening. This treatment provides you with a time for relaxation and healing bodywork. Allowing you to physically feel the release of energetic blockages in your meridians and realigning your energy centres for better health - mind, body and soul.

Subsequent to this allotted time dedicated to either leisure of receiving a healing treatment, clients are provided with their 4th detox shake of the day before they attend a burnout prevention workshop lead by one of their stress and burnout management specialists. During this hour-long interactive workshop, clients are encouraged to ask questions, take notes and strategise for a stronger foundation around emotional balance in their personal and professional lives.

In addition to providing valuable real-time insight into practical daily routines, these workshop modules serve as a way to introduce and shed light on the value offered throughout their more committal, signature wellness retreat programmes that are between 4 and 14 nights in duration. By experiencing all that they have to offer in an fun full-day experience, you can determine what direction feels right for you to explore deeper. (ie: Yoga and meditation may not fulfil you enough, however, Tantra may pique your interest given what your soul feels it needs, at this point in your life).

The next stage of this full-day itinerary includes a group exercise around Holotropic breathing that is designed to elevate the energetic currents in the body through rhythmic breathing protocols, leading clients down a path of immediate and intense energetic purification that works at a deep level, bypassing many mental and emotional limitations. These sessions are very powerful in shedding of layers of pain, suffering, trauma and guilt; oftentimes leaving participants in states of bliss, euphoria and utter love for both themselves and their potential antagonisers.

Once the exercise and group discussion feedback has ended, clients are welcomed to quickly change for dinner if they prefer and meet the rest of the group for a healthy culinary masterpiece including delicious and colourful creations that are designed to inspire dietary changes by not only seeing how beautiful vegan, raw and macrobiotic food can appear but more importantly how delectable and nourishing it can be.

During this 3-course experience, you are serenaded by a live acoustic musician drawing sounds from all the far corners of the ethnic world. In addition to the audio sensory experience, Royal Wellness adds a visual aspect to the performance by including a world-class exotic belly and fire dancing performance.
Making for truly unique entertainment during your dining experience.

The late evening is reserved for more sincere heart-opening activities beginning with a burning ceremony where you are encouraged to think deeply and write down aspects of yourself you may wish to release from your life such as thoughts, feelings, attachments, etc. This symbolic ritual draws from the yearly Thai festival of Loi Krathong and features traditional sky lanterns, creating a beautiful display of lighting in the sky for you and others to gaze upon as you make your intentions for your future.

Following this deeply meaningful ceremony is an insider look into the mysterious world of Tantra. The adults are introduced to the idea of Tantra, educated on where it comes from and what its all means today, informed on how to apply the practice and philosophy to their lives, and given some takeaway homework, to begin applying, as early as that very night, in the privacy of their own cabins, especially if the group consists of couples. With the group being in an curious state of mind - given the nature of the Tantra workshop - the erotic art that ensues next is sure to captivate the mind, body and soul.
Shibari or Kinbaku is an ancient Japanese form of healing that involves bondage ropes used to suspend an individual in a number of different postures, all designed to release emotional trauma by surrendering to the experience of being tied up. Not only is it a healing modality but it also serves as a form of live art much like nude painting, that will leave you speechless and inspired.

To end off the night we offer another allotted time slot for the second half of the group to receive their Ayurvedic or Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment if they opted out for the first opportunity in the early afternoon. Subsequently, you are invited to partake in a crystal sound bath featuring a potent, energy-enhancing, Cacao elixir.

Once consuming the beverage, you are instructed to lay down comfortably on the ground with pillows and cushions supporting your body as their outstanding sound healers and vibrational therapists work with various gongs, drums, sound bowls, chimes, and other ethnic instruments to clean out negative emotions, realign your energy and relax your mind, body and soul.

Depending on the nature of the group, Royal Wellness can also offer an alternative way to end the night. Rather than winding down with a relaxing sound bath, you can request that a DJ perform late into the night! With music being extremely powerful in altering moods, Royal Wellness has chosen to work solely with exceptional ethnic and world music artists, ensuring that the quality of DJs and their music selection when aboard remains entirely in line with your day-long mystical experience, ending off your beautiful story on the perfect note.