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Today is World Oceans Day: Get Involved!
Camper & Nicholsons
8th June 2020

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Today is World Oceans Day: Get Involved!

This year, World Oceans Day is growing the global movement that calls on world leaders to have protected 30% of our seas by 2030. By safeguarding at least 30% of our ocean through a network of highly protected areas, we can help ensure a healthy planet for all!

We, together with Mission Blue, have shared some actions which you can take *today* that will make a big difference to our future and our planet’s environmental wellbeing.

  1. Use less plastic, period. Plastic – bottles, fishing nets and line, and so much more make up about 90% of ocean debris. Do your part and either find alternatives, such as glass or cardboard food containers or make sure that your plastic items are properly recycled.
  2. Make sure the yacht you own or charter follows Sustainable Boating Practices (find here best practices for Eco-Friendly yachting). Learn more about the practices and the actions you can take by getting in touch with our Yacht Management Team.
  3. Eat more organic and/or vegetarian foods. Your choice of cuisine impacts the ocean far beyond whether or not you eat fish. Fertilizer runoff from industrial farms causes large ‘dead zones’ in the ocean. By choosing an organic or plant-friendly diet, you can reduce the pollution flowing into the sea.

But most importantly: go to out on the water! Share the wonder of the ocean with friends and family, and inspire them to both restore and protect it. As Sylvia Earle so perfectly put it: “Think about our planet without the ocean; you’ve got a planet that’s a lot like Mars. No Ocean, no Life. No Life, no Us.”

And remember, not everybody can do everything but everyone can do something.

Visit our Mission Blue page and the Sustainable Yachting Network website to discover more.


Sylvia Earle,
Founder of Mission Blue

Paolo Casani
CEO of Camper & Nicholsons