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Camper & Nicholsons partners with Nolimits in the Asia Pacific Region, with exclusive interiors by Pininfarina
8th March 2024

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C&N News

Camper & Nicholsons partners with Nolimits in the Asia Pacific Region, with exclusive interiors by Pininfarina

We are delighted to announce an exclusive partnership with Nolimits to sell its models in the Asia-Pacific region. The Nolimits fleet presents all-aluminium semi-custom yachts, designed by Fulvio de Simoni Yacht Design, ranging from 30 to 45 meters under 500GT, and characterized by features typically found on larger vessels. 

The design integrates large panoramic windows, a wide hull, multi-level cockpit areas and best-in-class sundeck sizes complete with windbreakers. Transoceanic performance combined with increased fuel efficiency allow the fleet to remain at sea for prolonged periods of time, matching the character of an explorer with the charm and style of a superyacht. 

There is a notable reduction in noise and vibration from the propulsion system, a testament to a broader design initiative succinctly captured by the term 'Zero Noise Technology'.

Exclusive interiors by Pininfarina for the entire range

The Pininfarina interiors, designed exclusively for the Asian market, reflect two fundamental concepts that redefine the cruising experience in a contemporary context. The first is poetic symmetry, where visual contrast, reflective surfaces, and the fluid transition of spaces and volumes create a welcoming and modern environment. This concept finds expression in the living area of the vessel, where furnishings are positioned to create a balance between spaces. The second concept is connected to the theme of tradition, particularly Asian tradition, and innovation, combining the fluid lines typical of Pininfarina design with the use of cutting-edge materials and artisanal inlays. The combination of these two settings creates a soft and welcoming atmosphere that adds character to the new fleet. 

The spaces are divided into two main areas that present different atmospheres in terms of texture and materials. The living area is characterised by the typical Pininfarina lines, and a sharp contrast linked to the choice of materials, such as glass and wood. An environment where elements like the lighting system and textures, reminiscent of traditional Asian designs integrate perfectly, making the environment modern and sophisticated while evoking a sense of tradition and innovation. The furnishings, such as the sofa and tables, have been designed by Pininfarina, creating a continuity of style with the living area. Finally, the visible glass wall makes the environment bright and provides a 360° view, giving a sense of depth and lightness. 

The sleeping area, where the owner's cabin is located, features warmer and softer textures and colours that make the environment cozy and intimate. The walls are embellished with wood inlays that recall typical elements of oriental tradition, reinterpreted in a contemporary way, and characterized by soft lines. Again, in this environment, we find the combination of tradition and innovation. The highly integrated screen seamlessly blends into the environment, becoming an essential element. A place where the beauty and the comfort of the spaces bring the cruising experience to another level.

The "plus" of Nolimits 37+ and Nolimits 45+ indicates an extra deck, offering more space, with Nolimits 37+ featuring an indoor sky lounge with 360-degree panoramic views on the upper deck and Nolimits 45+ having a panoramic dining area forward on the upper deck with a private outdoor deck space to enhance the luxury experience. The objective for the models is clear: to create a yacht that combines comfort and sea worthiness in a smaller package. The outcome is a yacht defined by its sturdy build, offering flexible living spaces and capable of extensive periods at sea, allowing owners the freedom to explore the wonders of the ocean. 

Julien Solari, Camper & Nicholsons Chief Commercial Officer in Asia, comments on the partnership: “We are absolutely delighted to partner the Rossi family in launching Nolimits to the Asia-Pacific market. The Rossis are leaders in the Italian superyacht industry, and their craftmanship, engineering and build quality are recognised by industry experts and experienced owners alike.

The combination of sub 500GT volumes, with interiors penned by Pininfarina, a studio known for its extraordinary ability to create timeless designs, has resulted in very promising initial reactions from our clients. The quality of construction and semi-custom design, characterized by features typically found on larger vessels, present a fantastic opportunity for our clients. Of course, transatlantic range, which characterizes all the models in the series, allows owners to explore the extraordinary Asian and Oceanian cruising areas in confidence. And the extra deck of the 37+ and 45+ models will allow more space, thus more customization possibilities to meet requirements of the Asian yachting lifestyle. 

We are very enthusiastic to represent Nolimits here in the Asia-Pacific Region.” 

Rossinavi’s Chief Operating Officer Federico Rossi added: “Camper & Nicholsons represents excellence because, like us, they bring with them a wealth of experience and expertise that can understand and cater to the customer's needs, offering support in the process of building and utilizing the yacht. Furthermore, the collaboration between Nolimits and Pininfarina signifies the amalgamation of quintessential Made in Italy characteristics: style, quality, and craftsmanship, to name a few. I strongly believe in the importance of synergistic actions, and I am confident that as a team, we possess a solid, 100-year know-how that can bring our capabilities back to the market.

For further information on the models or to receive a brochure, please contact the Camper & Nicholsons sales team.