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C&N - New partners
Tristan Rutherford
30th October 2019

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C&N - New partners

Louis Roederer

When the world celebrates, it does so with Champagne. Across 198 nations a cork is popped every second. Beneath the bubbly capital of Reims in northeastern France, 250km of cellars maintain the global supply of fizz at 1.4bn bottles - enough to pour a generous flute for every man and woman in the world.

Louis Roederer remains one of the last independent and family run Champagne Houses. In the 1870s, the firm began to export its wines. The House created an exclusive Champagne for Tsar Alexander II of Russia and launched a novel concept: the very first Cuvée de Prestige. It was created in 1876 and named ‘Cristal’. Ever since, the subtleness and elegance of Cristal has forged Louis Roederer’s reputation for excellence.

Like Camper & Nicholsons, the Reims House has deep family roots. Seventh generation owner-director Frédéric Rouzaud is a guardian to good tradition. Champagne Louis Roederer crafts two thirds of its cuvées from fully owned vineyards of Chardonnay, Pinot noir and Meunier, Champagne’s three grape varieties.

For Frédéric Rouzaud, forging forward means recalling the past. The cuvées of the House are the fruit of patient work with fundamental ingredients, the collaboration of experts, a quest for the perfect balance, and hardy and generous grapes cultivated in the Champagne soil. This produces a wine with a summery character and crystalline elegance. We’ll all raise a glass to that.

TownHouse Duomo

Il Duomo, the third largest cathedral in Christendom, marks the absolute centre of Milan. It's the reason why the city has so many cute canals (they were built to transport fancy marble and granite from Lake Maggiore). And why the state was nearly bankrupted (those 3,500 gothic statues cost a few lira).

The best view of the cathedral? That would be from TownHouse Duomo, an achingly hip hotel across the piazza. A mere 17 guestrooms share terraces, courtyards and a cocktail bar.

Guests are expected to shop. Therefore the TownHouse gifts every client a box of personalised business cards to offer to delivery staff at the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele shopping emporium. Spoiler alert: the flagship Prada store sits inside.

Milan's second best view? The Highline Galleria. This sky-topping footpath criss-crosses the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. Expect a 360° panorama over Milan and the snowy Alps beyond. Guests at TownHouse Duomo are granted complimentary access.


Tucked in a townhouse in Belgravia’s West Eaton Place is the secret behind unforgettable travel experiences: Niquesa Travel. The firm takes the word ‘tailored’ to new heights. Its raison d'être is to curate seamless experiences for families and private groups, from check-in at Heathrow’s discreet VIP terminal to arrival at a discerningly private Bordeaux chateau.

As at Camper & Nicholsons, connections are all. Niquesa Travel’s experienced team have held senior roles at Oberoi, Rocco Forte Hotels and One&Only, gifting them a go-to list of travel insiders. As Forbes explains: “A black book of contacts opens doors across the globe, from visionaries to cultural icons, historians to conservationists, culinary masters to the world's greatest explorers.”

A case in point is Niquesa Travel’s voyage to the Svalbard archipelago, deep in Norway's Arctic Circle. Snowmobiles are used to track polar bears, while curious reindeer nose the icy tented camp at dinner. This particular expedition is led by Dr Raj Joshi. He’s a world-class photographer and veteran of Kilimanjaro and the Amazon Basin.

It isn’t all fire and ice. Niquesa Travel’s signature journeys include a ‘Lost in Morocco’ immersive game. Here guests are dropped into the desert with a telephone, a box of clues and £100 in local currency. The experience takes in dusty souks, hammam spas and a sumptuous feast in a Bedouin tent. Provided, of course, that visitors get past the Sahara stage in the first place.

As Forbes explains: “A black book of contacts opens doors across the globe, from visionaries to cultural icons, historians to conservationists, culinary masters to the world's greatest explorers.”

The Luxe Nomad

A few years ago, by her own admission, Stephanie Chai had “no idea about eCommerce”. However, a simple premise led the New Zealand-born and Malaysia-raised entrepreneur to spy a gap in the market. Travel giants like Airbnb and Expedia had the mass market sewn up, but no one was looking at luxury getaways for those seeking the ultimate in privacy and exclusivity.

As salaries have risen across Asia, guests have begun demanding pillow menus, infinity pools, green policies, concierge services and amenities from the likes of Nuxe, Clarins and Bulgari. The accommodation game has been raised across the industry from chain hotels to boutique sleeps, right up to the plushest villas.

The Luxe Nomad’s 130,000 Instagram followers adore the latter. From across the globe, they peruse destinations seldom known in Europe and the United States, like the chic Japanese ski retreat of Niseko and the world-class wellness lifestyle of Koh Samui. The former rivals Whistler for powder soft snow and the latter matches the Maldives for holistic well-being.

The Luxe Nomad offers an unparalleled selection of five-star accommodation. This ranges from managed villas along the pristine waters of Koh Samui to the silver surf of Bali and Phuket. Combine that with their team of trip curators and complimentary concierges who ensure you enjoy the highest standard of holiday. You’ll find yourself wondering why you ever travelled with anyone else.


The leading private jet charter company in Europe offers on-demand charter flights at competitive rates. Depending on the season, GlobeAir’s trending connections can include London to Monaco, or Paris to Palma.

With more than 50% of the market share, GlobeAir is Europe’s leader within the sector of very light jets. The award-winning aviation firm offers a 15-minute car-to-jet turnaround at 984 other exclusive destinations. Freedom of the air is promised onboard. Passengers are welcome to bring their chihuahuas or cockapoos into the cabin. Plus as many bottles of Louis Roederer (an official partner of the air charter company) as decency allows.

Globeair can provide such serendipitous service because they are the world’s largest owner of Cessna Citation Mustang Jets. These ultra-reliable airplanes, each with four leather recliners, speed at a steady 630kmh - that’s Milan Linate to Olbia in 60 minutes flat. Schedules can be planned via SMS or WhatsApp. And because GlobeAir’s fleet is fully private, quotations take minutes, with no waiting around for aircraft owners’ approval.

The company can even assist after disembarkation. GlobeAir’s customer care team can ensure passengers fly passed security at the Mediterranean’s most discriminating establishments and clubs, from Les Caves du Roy in St Tropez to Freddie’s in Ibiza. Only one policy is enforced by the private air firm: no smuggling your new found friends back home.