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Trapani to Reggio Calabria

9 days Luxury Yacht Charter Experience

Historical architecture, picture-perfect landscapes and black sand beaches in the Aeolian Islands.

This 10 day itinerary gives incredible historical context to the region and offers much to be explored, from the beautiful coastline of Trapani to the black sand and sulphuric mud baths of Vulcano.

Day 1

Board the yacht in the port of Trapani and cruise towards the beautiful Gulf of Castellammare, known for its rich coastline of dramatic rocks and cliff faces as well as beautiful beaches.
Take a swim off San Vito lo Capo, a beach known for the clarity of its turquoise waters and the delicacy of its white sand. At the end of the day, depart for Palermo.

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Day 2

Palermo, the capital of Sicily, is nestled in the centre of a beautiful bay near the Conca d' Oro, the most fertile part of the island. The rich history of the city has given way to many monuments and among them, the Palazzo dei Normanni and its Cappella Palatina are some of the most notable.
This palace, built during the Norman occupation, is an incredible example of refined Norman architecture. Other places to visit in Palermo include the 6th century church San Giovanni degli Eremiti, the Martorana Church with its Byzantine mosaics, the Arab-style Church of San Cataldo, the Palace of Zisa - housing an impressive archaeological collection, the Villa Malfitano Whitaker with its beautiful gardens, and the catacombs of the Capuchin monastery.

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Trapani to Reggio Calabria - Cefalu - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N
Day 3

Cefalu, an old fishing village, has become a popular seaside resort and is one of the finest in northern Sicily. The village's jewel is without doubt its Romanesque cathedral which contains magnificent mosaics. It is one of nine structures included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site known as Arab Norman Palermo.
The sandy beach of Cefalu, dotted with little wooden rowing boats, and the cathedral set behind, is truly postcard-picture perfect.

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Trapani to Reggio Calabria - Alicudi and Filicudi - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N
Alicudi and Filicudi
Day 4

Alicudi is the westernmost island of the Aeolian archipelago. Its’ terraced slopes, covered with fig trees, are broken up by protrusions of black rock forming narrow ravines, sloping valleys and a succession of high precipices that give the landscape an impression of unforgettable majesty.
Filicudi has two interesting archaeological sites dating from the Bronze Age. The stunning Blue Marino sea caves can be reached by boat and an archaeological museum showcases the objects salvaged from shipwrecks.

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Trapani to Reggio Calabria - Salina - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N
Day 5

Salina is the most fertile and lush of the Aeolian Islands. Populated since ancient times, its’ name comes from salt exploitation at the Lingua mine. Formed by six ancient volcanoes, Salina has the highest peaks of the archipelago. Also, its’ rich and preserved seabed offers fantastic scuba diving and snorkelling.

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Trapani to Reggio Calabria - Stromboli - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N
Day 6

Stromboli, to the northeast, has the conical appearance typical of a volcano. There are
regular eruptions (often several per hour!), which are visible from afar, even at night and has
earned it the nickname "lighthouse of the Mediterranean".
In addition to a night hike to Stromboli' s summit, the fall of incandescent projections, the "Sciarra del Fuocco" can also be viewed from the sea.

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Trapani to Reggio Calabria - Panarea - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N
Day 7

Panarea, the smallest island, has crystalline waters that seem to offer infinite shades of colour.
The most remarkable place on the island is the exclusive bay of Cala Junco, at the southern tip of Panarea.
This picturesque beach is nestled amongst the cliffs and offers up the secrets of a settlement there, which suffered a troubled history.

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Trapani to Reggio Calabria - Lipari - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N
Day 8

The volcanic island of Lipari is the most populated of the Aeolian islands and has a dream landscape with deep coves, rock formations and many beaches.
Pumice stone characterizes the landscape and two beautiful beaches, that of Papesca and Spiaggia Bianca, still show some remnants of the historic pumice mining infrastructure.
The town has many boutiques in its winding lanes and each square offers up a local trattoria.

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Trapani to Reggio Calabria - Vulcano - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N
Day 9

The island of Vulcano is dominated by the cone of the volcano, the Gran Cratere, where sulphur smoke makes an incredible scenery.
On its beaches, volcanic black sand surrounds natural sulphurous mud baths and Laghetto di Fanghi is one of the most popular, with mud at a constant 28 degrees Celsius.

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Trapani to Reggio Calabria - Reggio Calabria - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N
Reggio Calabria
Day 10

Cruise towards the southern tip of Italy to reach the capital of Calabria, Reggio.
This is the most important city of the Calabria region and its historical and architectural heritage, including the Cathedral of the Assumption, the Medieval Castle and the Church of the Ottimati, offer much to be discovered.

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