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An Afro-Spanish cultural feast, Cuba is a superyacht destination alike no other

The Cuban archipelago encompasses some 200 bays, 4,000 isles and cays, and 600 kilometres of coral-reef-protected beaches.  Cuba is vastly different from the rest of the Caribbean, with unique cultural influences that have captured the island in a snapshot of history.

Day 1

Embark in Cienfuegos on Cuba’s south coast.  After having settled in on board, take a stroll through the town’s colonial-era buildings with a local historian who will point out the Spanish fortress and castle, and provide you with a backdrop to Cuba’s history and cultural heritage. 
In the afternoon, head for the inlets and bays that are frequented by dolphins and dive in with a snorkel for a closer encounter.
In the evening, ead back into the city to dance at Cienfuegos Club in Punta Gorda. Enjoy the delights of the Cuban disco with live music.

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Playa Ancon
Day 2

Playa Ancon, located near Trinidad, is one of Cuba’s most pristine beaches and is 4km long.  The sand is powdery white and the sea is beautifully calm and warm with perfect conditions for snorkelling and scuba diving.  Indeed there are over 30 dive spots in the abundant coral reefs, making this a popular spot for serious divers.

Overnight passage to the Gardens of the Queen National Park.

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Jardines del Reina
Day 3 and 4

Sixty miles off the southeastern coast, Jardines del Reina (Gardens of the Queen) National Park encompasses a chain of 250 virgin coral and mangrove islands.  It is Cuba’s first marine park and the largest ‘no-take’ marine reserve in the Caribbean.

Due to its intact connectivity between seagrass beds, mangroves and coral reefs, as well as the remoteness of the area and its long history of protection, Gardens of the Queen represents a “baseline” for an early Caribbean marine ecosystem; a pristine ecosystem that is home to healthy populations of Caribbean reef sharks and Goliath groupers, important grazers like rainbow parrotfish and long-spined sea urchins, and recovering endangered species such as  elk horn coral and hawksbill sea turtles.

There is also an extraordinary area back in the mangroves where dive operators over many years have developed a relationship with a few resident American crocodiles!

Overnight passage to Cayo Largo.

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Cayo Largo
Day 5 and 6

Cayo Largo is another “crown  jewel” of Los Canarreos Archipelago with its 24km of stunning beaches that are open to the Caribbean Sea, including the Playa Sirena and the Playa Blanca.  
It is said that in some spots, it is possible to find hidden treasures because according to old chronicles, from 1563 to1784, there were around 200 shipwrecks in this zone.  
Cayo Largo has a diversity of species, extensive swamp areas with a predominance of “caleta” grape and mangrove woods, where you can observe birds and enjoy the quietness and privacy that only privileged places offer.  The shallow waters are also home to stingrays and manta rays. 
You will have the possibility to visit the Sea Turtle Rescue Centre and join keepers in releasing giant sea turtles before joining them in the water to swim.  
On the archipelago, you may also join locals and go bottom fishing for fresh lobsters and also to visit a monkey sanctuary and join the keepers looking after these endangered creatures.

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The Island of Youth
Day 7 and 8

The Island of Youth (Isladela Juventud) was discovered by Christopher Columbus in his second voyage to the New World.  It used to be a safe shelter for pirates, corsairs and buccaneers, and it has been the source of many legends that still prevail today.  Explore the island with a local guide and learn about the piratical history of the area - the stories will delight guests both young and old.

Its waters offer one of the most significant diving zones in the world, the Punta Frances National Marine Park at the Colony (southwest of the island).

If you are not diving, take the yachts tender will to visit these protected areas with a specialist snorkel guide, who will show you one of the best snorkelling locations in Cuba.  

Overnight passage back to Cayo Largo for disembarkation the next morning.

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