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Alaska Adventure

7 days Luxury Yacht Charter Experience

For those who seek to be outside of their comfort zone, while maintaining a healthy dose of comfort and luxury aboard a chartered yacht.

Considering how remote Alaska and her wilderness are, a sense of adventure and exploration inevitably accompanies you as you anchor off the most scenic of coves or as you hike through the dense forest. The opportunities for salmon fishing across its multiple rivers and lakes are second to none, not to mention the whales and sea lions who further highlight nature in its all its beauty.

This itinerary has everything you can expect from Alaska: the lush green forests, the stunning icy glaciers, the impressive wildlife and many more that are just waiting to be discovered. From Juneau to Sitka and cruising down the Chatham Strait this itinerary has been meticulously planned to showcase all the facets Alaska has to offer, including the delectable hot springs and ideal locations to catch a glimpse (from a safe distance, of course) of brown bears.
Day 1
On arrival at Juneau International Airport, a car will await you and whisk you off to Juneau Harbour where your yacht will be waiting. As you climb aboard and get settled, the yacht will start making its way towards Freshwater Bay (54 mi run), directly southeast of Juneau Harbour.  Keep a look out for whales along the way as you circle round Funter Bay State Marine Park. Enjoy the first evening in beautiful Pavlof Harbour. Look for brown bears on the beach via kayak/tender or try your hand at fishing at the rich Alaskan river mouth for running salmon. 
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East Point, Hidden Falls Hatchery, Takatz
Day 2
Start out of Freshwater Bay with the option to troll for bright salmon at East Point in the morning.  Head south in Chatham Strait towards the Hidden Falls Hatchery to look for bears.  As you sail across these pristine, cool waters, you’ll pass Catherine Island an impressive 33m2 of uninhabited lush green land. Carry on to beautiful Takatz for the evening anchorage, enjoy the stunning views and wildlife as the crew prepare a delicious meal made with the day’s catch.
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Alaska Adventure  - Baranof Lake, Red Bluff Bay  - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N
Baranof Lake, Red Bluff Bay
Day 3
Wake up as the yacht continues south in Chatham for a short run to the Baranof Warm Springs.  A member of the crew will take you to shore, where you can enjoy a beautiful hike up to the serene Baranof Lake before taking a dip in the natural Warm Springs.  A truly exhilarating experience, before you jump back on board and continue south to Red Bluff Bay to anchor for the evening. Great bottom fishing right out front of Red Bluff Bay, perfect way to catch fresh salmon for dinner.
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Alaska Adventure  - Mist Cove, Deep Cove - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N
Mist Cove, Deep Cove
Day 4
As you enjoy your breakfast, the yacht will make its way further south from Red Bluff Bay to Mist Cove for a shore-side hike up to the gorgeous waterfall.  A picture perfect opportunity as the cold water splashes down the rocks to the river below. Another perfect location for fishing: cast for beautiful coho salmon at the river mouth and bottom-fish for halibut nearby.  As you jump back on board, the yacht will make its way to Deep Cove and anchor there for the evening as the crew prepare the most scenic of candle light dinners.  
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Kingsmill Pt., Pybus Bay
Day 5
In the morning, the yacht will head north up Chatham to Kingsmill Pt. where you will be given the option to troll for fresh Alaskan salmon, a once in a lifetime opportunity, or take a picnic on land an appreciate the incredible landscape. The yacht will then carry on to Pybus Bay to anchor below the stunning panoramic mountain backdrop and for those who feel like a bit of a exercise, there is a long, gorgeous stretch of classic Alaskan shoreline perfect for hiking.
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Brothers Islands, Frederick Sound, Holkham Bay
Day 6
In the early morning, you’ll get the opportunity to try your hand at world-class halibut fishing in front of Pybus Bay. The activities don’t just stop there, as the yacht makes its way to Brothers Islands where you’ll hang out with a massive population of Northern Steller sea lions. After a sumptuous lunch, the yacht will make its way north through Frederick Sound to whale-watch on the way to Wood Spit in Holkham Bay to anchor for the evening. Enjoy a delicious dinner as you soak up the incredible views of the tree lined coast with the snowy peaks in the background.
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Alaska Adventure  - Endicott Arm, Dawe’s Glacier, Stephens Passage, Taku Harbor - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N
Endicott Arm, Dawe’s Glacier, Stephens Passage, Taku Harbor
Day 7
On the before last day, the yacht will make its way down gorgeous Endicott Arm to spend lunch at the gigantic face of Dawe’s Glacier.  You’ll be given the opportunity to cruise as close as .25mi from the face of the glacier and watch for massive calving events. After that exciting encounter the yacht will cruise north into the awe-inspiring landscape of Stephens Passage up to Taku Harbor to anchor for the evening.
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Alaska Adventure  - Juneau - Luxury Charter Itinerary | C&N
Day 8
Your final morning will be spent cruising 20mi north to dock downtown in Alaska’s capital city of Juneau. On arrival you’ll be given the option to walk in town and soak up its unique atmosphere, before departure.
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