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Crew Mission Statement


Camper & Nicholsons’ Crew Placement Agents:

  • Will interview each candidate who registers with our agency with the same care and attention, regardless of their age, gender, nationality or experience.

  • Will ensure that candidates are given equal opportunities to the positions available through our agency.

  • Will give candidates advice about how best to sell their skills and experience, through improved CV layouts, presentation and interview techniques.

  • Will ensure that no blacklists or other mechanisms are used to prevent candidates from gaining employment for which they are qualified.

  • Will ensure that all deck and engineering certificates are verified with the relevant authorities, and that copies are held on the crew database.

  • Will ensure that reference information is followed up on, and that the information will remain confidential. Reference checks will be carried out prior to forwarding candidates for selection.

  • Will ensure that each candidate placed holds a valid medical certificate, acceptable under MLC 2006 legislation.

  • Will ensure that no fees or charges are made to the candidate in exchange for providing employment, as stated in the MLC 2006 convention, A.1.4.5.b

  • Will respond to each hiring party seeking crew rapidly and attentively.

  • Will match the search criteria of the hiring parties as closely as possible to the available candidates and ensure that candidates are hand-selected to best meet the specific requirements of each yacht.

  • Will not knowingly place any candidate on a yacht, until he or she has reached their 18th birthday.

  • Will ensure that candidates are informed of their rights and responsibilities prior to joining a yacht.