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Romeo Crucioi
IT Projects Manager

Information technology Department
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Romeo Crucioi - IT Projects Manager - Team & Offices | C&N

About Romeo Crucioi

Romeo joined the Camper & Nicholsons Monaco team in 2013 as system and network administrator, where he oversees the complex global IT infrastructure of the company.

With an extensive educational and professional background in IT including web development and tools, Romeo graduated from the Technical University of Civil Engineering in Bucharest in 2006 after a four-year course and also holds a diploma from the Business and Communication Research Centre of British Academy. He also has a mathematics-informatics profile from the Alexandru Vlahu?? National College in Romania, further testifying to his expertise in the field.

Romeo shares a true passion for his work and has presented his skills in various companies both at home in Romania, as well as abroad in Monaco and France with volunteering and freelance work, including quality assurance team leader for advanced mobile applications, while working for Ubisoft Group from 2006 to 2010.

For leisure, Romeo is greatly involved in charity work where he is a member of the Digital Aid Monaco Association, founded to recycle computer technology in order to donate to underprivileged children worldwide.

Fluent in French, English, Italian and his native Romanian, Romeo brings open-minded expertise to his indispensable role within the company.