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Giovanni Alessi Anghini
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Giovanni Alessi Anghini - Team & Offices | C&N

Giovanni Alessi Anghini Chief Innovation & Technology Officer

Innovation & Technology Hub Department
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Giovanni Alessi Anghini Chief Innovation & Technology Officer

Born in Italy and raised in Switzerland, Giovanni studied at the University of Florence concentrating his attention on courses in sociology and cultural anthropology. In 2002, Giovanni began his professional journey applying his studies in human sciences to industrial, product, business and service design. 

In the following years, Giovanni collaborated with some of the world’s most renowned companies from the luxury and design spheres, such as Alessi and Vitra, and part of his work was also requested and developed for mass production companies in other industry sectors, such as Lenovo, Oppo and Philips.

Giovanni had his work recognized by international design museums and included in the permanent collection at Chicago’s Museum of Art and Architecture (The Chicago Athenaeum). 

Since 2014, Giovanni’s work and know-how has been applied to business and service design, creating experiences across industries and product categories. He founded and developed; the worlds’ most advanced business and marketing solution for seafaring professionals, aiming to empower small and medium enterprises in the yachting industry.

In 2019, Giovanni became Chief Innovation & Technology Officer for Camper & Nicholsons International, leading the overall activities related to product and service innovation.

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