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Secret Bali Surf Spots
The Luxe Nomad
15th October 2019

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Secret Bali Surf Spots

Uluwatu, Kuta, Padang Padang, Canggu, Seminyak – these spots are synonymous with Bali and surf. With millions of people flocking to the world-class beaches and waves of Bali each year, it may seem impossible to break away from the crowds and find yourself paddling out seemingly on your own.

There are, however, several surf breaks that the typical holidayer won’t know to find or look for. Here we break down some of Bali’s best-kept surf secrets.

Bingin Beach

Where: Southwestern Bukit Peninsula
Level: Experienced
Wave type: Left-hander reef break
Best tide for surf: Mid tide
Best time of year for waves: April - October

A popular spot for surfers in the know, Bingin has been able to stay hidden from the masses for good reason. This beach is almost completely obscured by the rugged limestone cliffs of the Bukit peninsula’s southwestern coast. To reach the white sand beach, travellers must traverse a difficult walk over uneven rocks. The waves are well-worth the journey as the left-handers offer what every surfer dreams of - clean barrels.

Green Bowl

Where: Southern tip of the Bukit Peninsula
Level: Intermediate
Wave type: Right-hander reef break
Best tide for surf: Mid tide
Best time of year for waves: November - March

This surf spot is kept quiet for two good reasons – it is not for the faint-hearted and has one of the strongest currents on the island. Surfers who lose their boards or leashes could end up sucked out to sea if they’re not well versed in the tides, and then there is the sharp and exposed reef that could do some damage with falls. It is, however, a very consistent break when the swell is smaller and stunningly beautiful. It’s surrounded by lush, green cliffs that are home to a lot of monkeys and traditional stone statues.
When not in the water, surfers can take a break in the bowl-shaped caves.

Yeh Gangga

Where: West coast of Bali
Level: Intermediate and advanced
Wave type: Left and right-hander beach break
Best tide for surf: Mid to high tide
Best time of year for waves: April – October

Northwest of Tanah Lot temple, Yeh Gangga is relatively new to the surfing scene.
Although it looks calm here, there is a strong rip current, so it’s typically advisable not to swim. The waves are fast and powerful, working best up to five feet.
It is another beautiful spot with black sand beaches, a small temple located just a few metres from the shore, and paddy fields to the south.


Where: West coast of Bali
Level: Beginner
Wave type: Left and right-hander reef break
Best tide for surf: Mid to low tide
Best time of year for waves: April – October

Similarly positioned to Yeh Gangga, and just beyond Tanah Lot, Kedungu is a long black sand beach with three breaks. The main break features a left and right-hander. A left-hander to the left of the main break featuresa long ride. The breaks work best at lower tides, but as there are sharp corals here, low tide is not recommended. The waves may look too powerful for beginners, but they are very mellow.


Where: West coast of Bali
Level: Beginner and Intermediate
Wave type: Left-hander beach and point break river mouth
Best tide for surf: Mid to high tide
Best time of year for waves: Year-round

One of the longest rides on the island, Medewi is a quiet spot growing in popularity.
Don’t be discouraged though, as it’s unlikely to ever get crowded. Medewi is two to three hours from Kuta, so people don’t venture here unless they really want to. If for some reason, it is crowded, the area is home to a plethora of river mouths, and you’re sure to find some privacy. Medewi is as picturesque as they come, as well. It’s a long stretch of black sand mixed with a rocky shoreline and thick forests.

Balian beach

Where: West coast of Bali
Level: Beginner upwards
Wave type: Left and right-hander river mouth and rock shelf peak
Best tide for surf: Mid to high tide
Best time of year for waves: Year-round

Like Medewi, this beach would be much better known if it was closer to Kuta, but luckily, it isn’t.
An hour and a half drive from the airport in Denpasar, Balian is one of the quieter spots where waves break both left and right. Being located at a river mouth, this break is a swell magnet so you’ll find waves here most days.
They’re better on smaller days though, as on large surf days the currents can get very rough.

Hint: The stretch of ocean from Balian to Medewi is populated with beaches that are uncrowded, beautiful, break left and right, and cater to surfers of all levels.
Their names are shrouded in mystery, as those in the know try to keep them under wraps and off the internet. However, take a car or a scooter with a local guide along this route, and you’ll find little pieces of surfing heaven you’ll never want to leave.