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Five minutes with: Maël Fiolet, Sales Advisor

When he was young, Maël Fiolet spent most of his free time sailing.

Growing up on the Atlantic coast of France, he was surrounded by the sea. And for as long as he can remember, Maël knew that he wanted a career in the maritime industry so he was never too far from it.

It was when he began work as a sailing instructor that that his path became clear: yachting. It would be perfect for the young sailor, who had spent many years racing sailing yachts.

Now a multihull racer and enthusiast, Maël sits down for five minutes with C&N Magazine.

C&N: First of all, the most important question: sailing yachts or motor yachts?

I’m a sailor, through and through. Both from my background and my roots, but also because I really enjoy sailing with the wind, even if it’s not a regatta. Just for blue water cruising.

But then again, motor yachts have major advantages. It’s all a matter of your cruising project and what you want to do. There’s a yacht for every project these days!

C&N: Do you have a favourite builder?

That’s such a tough question! One of my favourites is Damen & Amels for motoryachts. They’re creating a state-of-the-art range to fulfill the creative, adventure-filled dreams of their clients.

For sailing yachts, Baltic with Path or Canova are really pushing the limits at the moment. They’re really pushing the boundaries with innovate techniques to create high-end performance sailing yachts with high-end luxury on board.

But, as a multihull enthusiast and racer, Sunreef has accomplished a brilliant strategy to bring catamarans to the superyacht level. They’re going to be one to watch.

C&N: Where’s your favourite place to cruise?

Another tough one… Corsica and Sardinia for the pleasure of cruising in a spectacular landscape with warm weather. And the Svalbard in Norway for the adventure and the purity.

C&N: Such different landscapes!


C&N: Has your experience sailing helped inform your career as a sales advisor?

Oh, definitely. I’m able to consolidate all my knowledge and skills, as well as combining the technical knowledge I picked up from my work with shipyards.

If I had to highlight a specialisation, it would be in sailing yachts, exploration motor yachts, and multihulls. I’ve cruised or raced on each of these, so that helps me better understand the needs of my clients. I can better offer them the most suitable yacht for them and their project. I want to make sure they’re going to create unforgettable memories on board. The more knowledge and experience a sales advisor has of their product(s), the better.

C&N: Is that the most important quality in a sales advisor, in your opinion?

Yes, definitely. That, and you need to be a great negotiator, you need to understand the market really well, have a well-developed sense of yacht marketing, and to have that technical knowledge, as well as trust, discretion, and transparency.

C&N: What does a typical day look like for you?

In the mornings, I like to take in the international news, then I look closely at what’s happening in the yacht market to stay up-to-date. Then, I respond to enquiries, organise visits for clients, have meetings, and prepare sales and marketing plans for yachts.

There’s no typical day though. It’s so varied, and that’s part of the fun!

C&N: What does a typical day look like outside of the office?

What do you think? Sailing! I’ll always love to be by the sea. I practice all types of water sports, but I’ve recently picked up a new hobby: diving.

If you’re looking for a trusted, knowledgeable, and transparent advisor to help with your yachting project, don’t hesitate to contact Maël at or on +33 6 28 10 27 36.