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Many of the larger yachts will feature a carefully curated and fully equipped gym with all the latest high-tech machinery, whilst others may offer a smaller setup with equipment stowed below deck until needed and brought up onto deck and into the sunshine as required.  

An onboard gym will be designed and strategically positioned so as to ensure that your workout is just as pleasurable an experience as the rest of your charter, with gyms usually located on a sun deck or within a beach club, and views out to sea maximised.

Onboard gyms will be climate controlled for comfort and on larger yachts, often form part of a wider array of wellness facilities, such as onboard spas and steam rooms.

One of the latest trends in luxury travel sees health and fitness experts join clients aboard private superyacht charters, enabling the clients to benefit from bespoke, round-the-clock attention to help keep their health and wellbeing in perfect balance.  Look out for gyms that are also convertible to a cabin, this versatile arrangement is ideal if you want to take a personal trainer or fitness coach with you.

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