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Rosamelia Garcia
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Rosamelia Garcia - Team & Offices | C&N

Rosamelia Garcia Commercial Assistant & Receptionist

Sales Brokerage Department
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Rosamelia Garcia Commercial Assistant & Receptionist

Rosa has double nationality, Mexican and Italian.  As a daughter of a Diplomat for the United Nations, she has travelled extensively and lived in ten different countries (Mexico, USA, Chile, Peru, Spain, Austria, Germany, England,  Italy and France).  She speaks five languages (Spanish, English, Italian, French and German).  Rosa studied Business and Economics in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, then she continued her studies and did an MBA - Master in Business Administration.

She worked many years in Milano, Italy, working in the Marketing Department at big Multinationals such as Beiersdorf - the NIVEA company and at Perfetti  Van Meller - Confectionary company, also in the Marketing and Product Development Department. Then she decided to come to live to the South of France because she loves the French Riviera and also because she can easily go back to Italy from here. Once established in Antibes, she got interested in the yachting world and started to work at Sundeck, furniture for yachts and then at Camper and Nicholsons.  Her hobbies are biking, swimming, reading and the opera.

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